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SIDECUT Signature

The mark of great steak is signature flavour, infused with a passion for the finest cuts of meat. SIDECUT’s custom rubs are the perfect pairing for our prime Canadian cuts, poultry or fish, with flavours that range from  Herbal Ember to Blueberry Hill and Black Angus. Tempt your taste buds with each of our signature sauces, including Red Herron, Green Jimmy, E2 Steak Sauce and Yuzu Wisely. All entrées are served with a choice of five rubs and presented with a plate of four sauces, making for a truly customized experience.


  • Black Angus
  • Lemon Buddha
  • Herbal Ember
  • Blueberry Hill
  • #7


  • Red Herron
  • Green Jimmy
  • Yuzu Wisely
  • E2 Steak Sauce